God Bless people it’s early Sunday Am which means I got next to no sleep last night, but almost time for me to get up and go to church now. When I come home I am home to have time to finsh up Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead because I just got her whole Bloodlines series to date stare at me saying you know you want to read me. I also happy to say that on that 11.1 I will be doing a reveal of new covers for Stacey Rourk and her gryphon series as well reviews that the WRRT team has been work on, one set which is mine. I can not wait for that day because she also releases the 4th book in the series and I am dying to see what happens next. If you are looking for a YA paranormal that both you and your teenager can enjoy then this series is for you btw. Off to shower and go to church Blog ya later

Just to let you know if you see this then it is a review by WRRT team….Love my wicked reads ladies…yall are awesome!



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