love this author and she loves her fans

Erica Chilson: The Wicked Writer

First: Happy to announce that Integrated is currently processing for publication on B&N & Amazon.

Here are the details:
Nook: 497 pages (don’t quote me on it. They don’t give me a preview copy anymore)
Kindle: 8331 locations (Go ahead & quote me. I’m looking at it right now. *evil grin*) My greedy little hands have it loaded on my Paperwhite. Not that I want to read a single word of Integrated after reading it at least 10 times over 😉
140,000+ words in Ezra’s voice.
55 Chapters, Family Trees, an epilogue, and a music playlist.
Price: $4.99
Available: It’s Amazon and B&N, so it could be two hours or… weeks *shudders at the thought* I’ve had issues with both Jaded and Faithless, so I’m a bit Jaded (pun intended) on the whole process. I try not to get my hopes up until I see the status change from In…

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