Veteran’s Day

I am proud Navy Brat. My dad gave 31 years to the Navy. My brothers each did tours with Marines, I have cousins in both the Cost Guard and Army and  My Grandfather gave his life for the Air Force. My daughter’s father is a Retired Navy man. So as you can see I am love the military I wanted to join but do mistakes in my past I could not. With that said. I am asking everyone that reads this post to remember what today is about and it is not the parties and drinking. It is about honoring men and women that have gave their lives and time with family so that we can have freedoms that I believe we are letting Congress and our President take away everyday.  SO take take 10 minutes or more and go talk to a Vet, listen to their stories of why they join and what branch. Put flowers on a solider s grave if you know of one. Donate to your local VA hospitals. Show them the respect they deserve please. We would not be were our without them. SO HONOR them as they HONOR us everyday but giving up a part their family life to be overseas.


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