This is amazing chance to work with author if you can meet her needs please hit her up! Erica books are always emotional charged and great reads.

Erica Chilson: The Wicked Writer


I am looking for 4 people (current betas, readers, or new readers) to read Good Girl to pick up whatever I may have missed the other few rounds. I need someone who has a general grasp of grammar rules and is well-read, and they must know how to use Microsoft Word or a compatible program.

This is a short-notice read-thru. Copies will be sent before early evening (today, Tues Nov. 19th) with the read-thru ending Sunday Nov. 24th at 11 am est. It’s a short time frame to read a 400+ page book/300 page manuscript. I apologize for the rush, so those who cannot work within this time frame need not apply. I work at turbo speed- just can’t help it. But there is a method to my madness.

What I am looking for: grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes. Story flow. Contradictions. Characters acting out of ‘character’. General comments and critiques…

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