Feeling the lost of the gang

Well the week has come to end, everything that can say about the Cee and gang has been said without giving away spoilers! I am feeling the loss of them. Odd not to pick up my phone and dive into my Kindle app to read what happens next. But all good things must come to an end. I am looking forward to Stacey next piece of work she also has some side kick novels and a book about infertility. So please continue to support this author


My next major project for you guys is to get some author take over days! I want to get people to take over my blog for one day to answer questions and give you there view on things like how do PR for indie authors, the authors journey on what is bringing a book to life, what is like to read a fan page for an author or books in general, what people who set up book events go though and why the cost are what they are. And if you are a budding author how to get published what you need to do and who to go to. So if you have any questions please let me know so I can make sure they are answered in advance.

I also have to say its 11.23.13 not to a lot of you that may not mean anything but there is a fandome that is near and dear to my heart that is means the world to and that Is DOCTOR WHO! it is 50 years that the time-lord has been traveling all of time and space and today on all BBC channel there will be a show called the Day of the Doctor that I can not wait to see. For it brings my 2 fave Doctors together. Davide Tenant and Matt Smith. As this will be one of the last times to see Matt as the Doctor and David is already no more the Doctor it will be EPIC! Matt you have been great and look forward to your future work! David my beloved 10, oh how I miss you! but I keep up with all things you do and you are and Matt are both amazing actors! Best of luck in your future shows and movies!


PS for fans Google has been taken over by Time Lords go check it out and there is a game hit the 2nd o that looks like a play button and you will find the game…




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